Now You Can
Be Everywhere All The Time

with unprecedented data-driven oversight of your entire operation, from real-time colony health insights to pollination activity. BeeHero is built by commercial beekeepers for commercial beekeepers.

See Your Yards

Leverage realtime data of all of your yards’ performance, quality, and progress with live updates so you can make the right decisions at the right times.

Track Your Bees

Visualize every hive, every minute, and receive early indications of what’s happening in your yard, so you can plan and manage your visits, workforce, and time and keep your eyes on what really matters.

Control Your Data

Nobody knows your bees better than you. Equip yourself with technology that helps hone your instincts, optimize your operations, and master your domain. It’s time to use data to thrive.

BeeHero's In-Field Advantage Gives You:

Lower operational costs by managing your team more efficiently

Reduced mortality rates by addressing colony stress when it strikes

Stronger, healthier colonies under your supervision

Premium pollination prices by finally getting the rates you deserve

BeeHero Guarantees Premium Pollination Rates

So you can expect on-time payments and higher-than-market rates for every additional frame you provide.

What Our Partners Are Saying:

“BeeHero brings exciting new technology making it much easier to plan for the season ahead”
Dave Mendes
Former President, The American Beekeeping Federation
“Growers looking to optimize and increase their yield can finally predict and perfect their pollination using BeeHero”
Denise Qualls
President, The Pollination Connection

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