Generations Of Beekeeping And Innovation At Work

BeeHero was founded by a team of veteran beekeepers, serial entrepreneurs, renowned biologists, and data scientists to ensure that everyone wins: farmers, beekeepers, and nature.

Solving Global Challenges

70% of crops worldwide rely on bees, whose increasing mortality rate, coupled with colony collapse disorder, puts financial strain on farmers and beekeepers. This makes it harder to feed an exponentially growing global population.

We built our cutting-edge platform and low-cost sensors to provide frictionless setup and operation for beekeepers and achieve our goal: increasing crop yield and quality while enhancing pollinator health.

Founded On Solid Ground

Headquartered in California with research and development in Israel, our team of commercial beekeepers and food growers, engineers and entrepreneurs, and industry-renowned scientists work around the globe and around the clock to maximize every pollination cycle.

Our Investors

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