Do Self pollinating almonds still need bees?

A recent study has identified the true pollinator dependence of the self fertile Independence almond variety. Fruit set was 60% higher in bee pollinated trees, which translated into a 20% increase in yield and 10% increase in net profit.

Is a pollination crisis looming for almond growers?

Every year the almond acreage expands, while the population of honeybees, beset by a host of health problems, struggles to keep pace. A recent demand and supply analysis has forecast that available hive capacity for almond pollination could be exceeded by 2023. 

Pollination affects the nutritional quality of almonds

While the benefits of bee pollination to almond crop yield are well understood, there is less data about the impact on nutritional quality. We review a study that found cross -pollinated almonds have a higher nutritional quality in terms of fat composition than self-pollinated almonds.

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